Increasing women’s visibility in the male bastions

Jul 28
Women have made incredible progress in joining the Indian workforce, fighting for equal pay, and rising to the top of their careers. But some career paths have more progress left to make than others. For many years, certain industries and fields have been predominantly male-dominated. Women have often faced barriers to achieving equal representation and recognition in these so-called “male bastions.”

Corporate India’s rule book in increasing women’s visibility in male-dominated industries.
Well, there’s no rule! Because rules are made to be broken.

Increasing women’s visibility in male bastions is a matter of equity and justice. Women have historically been underrepresented in many industries and often face barriers and discrimination in achieving equal representation and recognition. The exclusion of women from fields such as tech, construction, analytics, etc., is still a sign of resistance to gender diversity. Stereotyping women as technically incompetent and perceiving their skillsets on their gender and appearance – are a few of the many barriers that deter women from establishing a career in a male-dominated context.

Why is it important to increase women’s visibility in male bastions?

– Firstly, it is a matter of representation.
When women see other women succeeding in fields that were previously considered male-dominated, it inspires them to follow in their footsteps.

– Secondly, it is a matter of challenging stereotypes.
The more women we see in traditionally male roles, the more we challenge the notion that women are not cut out for these roles.

– Finally, it is a matter of progress.
The more diverse a field is, the more ideas and perspectives are brought to the table, leading to better outcomes.

How can we increase women’s visibility in male-dominated fields?

1. Provide mentorship and sponsorship:
Women need access to mentorship and sponsorship programs that can help them navigate
male-dominated fields. This could be in the form of networking events, mentorship programs, or even sponsoring women for leadership positions.

2. Educate men:
Men also have a role to play in increasing women’s visibility. They can start by educating themselves on the challenges women face in male-dominated fields and then taking steps to address these challenges.

3. Celebrate successes:
When women do breakthrough in male-dominated fields, it is essential to celebrate their successes. It sends a positive message to other women and encourages them to follow suit.

4. Address non-conscious bias:
Non-conscious bias can prevent women from getting ahead in male-dominated fields. Addressing this bias through training and education can help level the playing field.

5. Create safe spaces:
Women need safe spaces to share their experiences and support each other. It could be in the form of women’s networks, support groups, or even online communities.